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How is debt split in a divorce?

Are you planning on getting divorced in the state of Nebraska? This is a life-changing decision. One of the chief issues will be the division of debt. You need to be certain that the end of your marriage doesn't leave you in the red. Nebraska is an equitable division...

Divorce steps in Nebraska

Divorce is sometimes a complex process with a lot of steps to keep track of before it is final. It is not easy to go through a divorce, both because of the emotions and because of the challenges of the legal process itself. Navigating divorce The steps to divorce...

What is a gift affidavit?

There are many assets you may have to list or divide during your Nebraska divorce, and the process is often difficult when it comes to the division of property. Vehicle transfers, for example, can be especially problematic, but a gift affidavit may make the process...

Saving money on your divorce

Many people assume that divorce is expensive, but many people wrongly conjecture the reasons for this. For instance, many people think that child support and alimony are the only reasons why divorce costs so much. The reality is that, depending on your situation,...