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Domestic Violence Archives

The relationship between summer and domestic violence

Researchers are attempting to find out if domestic violence is more likely to occur in Nebraska and elsewhere during the summer. One representative from the Spouse Abuse, Sexual Assault Crisis Center said that this is likely happening as there tends to be more people at the facility during the summer months. She cited an increase in drinking and people going out more to celebrate holidays as to why this could be the case.

The difficulties of leaving an abusive marriage

Nebraska residents may not be aware of just how serious of a public health problem domestic violence can be. In fact, across the country, it is estimated that a woman is assaulted every nine seconds. Further, it is estimated that 1 in 3 individuals experienced physical abuse by a romantic or intimate partner. Domestic abuse can cause the ending of a marriage to be difficult or even dangerous for some. In some cases, the anger, violence or financial abuse that occurred during the marriage could escalate throughout the divorce process.

Domestic abuse and gun control laws

Gun control advocates in Nebraska may soon see people who have been convicted of domestic violence crimes subject to restrictive gun control legislation. The fallout from a high school shooting in Florida may result in the passage of bills that will make state laws regarding gun ownership more enforceable and uniform.

Attitudes toward domestic abuse common in all fields

Although first responders in Nebraska and around the country are tasked with helping domestic abuse victims, they may actually make victims feel worse about their circumstances. To see what their attitudes toward domestic violence were, 403 EMTs took a survey conducted by Florida State and University of Windsor researchers. Of those who responded, 33 percent said that domestic violence is a normal response to daily stress.

Abuse takes many forms

There are many ways in which Nebraska residents may be abused by a partner or spouse. The most well-known form is physical abuse, which can include hitting, slapping or strangling another person. In some cases, physical abuse entails the damaging of personal property as well. An individual can also be sexually abused by a partner. This may include actions that cause physical pain to a victim.