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Posts tagged "Child Custody And Visitation"

Joint custody is often in the child's best interests

Divorce is tough on everyone involved. However, a separation can be especially difficult for the children. If the two parents can agree on a custody arrangement that is fair, the court will in most cases approve it. But if the couple walks into a Nebraska family law court seeking a decision from the judge, the overriding standard applied in arriving at a final order is the child's best interests.

How to handle the holidays after a divorce

There are many parents in Nebraska who are worried about how to handle custody issues during the holidays. Considering the family traditions that are often involved with the season, this is understandable. To prevent major issues from occurring, parents should work out the logistics of who will spend the holidays where.

Parenting plans depend on how well exes get along

Despite all the turmoil a divorce brings, separation is often in the couple's best interests. Those with children in Nebraska, however, will have additional considerations. While it's better for the exes to get along for the sake of the kids as everyone makes the transition to a new life, this can be quite a challenge.

A look at the birdnesting trend for children of divorced parents

When parents in Nebraska decide to end their marriages, they naturally want to limit distress and disruption for their children. A relatively new concept known as birdnesting has gained attention because children stay in the marital home instead of traveling between two parental households. One parent at a time stays in the children's home according to the custody schedule. The parents maintain a separate apartment, and they split their time individually between the children's home and the apartment. From the children's point of view, their lives remain largely the same because they stay in the same neighborhood and school district all of the time.

Parents struggle with child custody and support concerns

For parents in Nebraska who decide to divorce, dealing with child custody and support can be emotionally painful as well as logistically difficult. Few parents want to give up on precious time with their children, and for people who are estranged from their former partners, the co-parenting relationship can be difficult. While some parents can amicably develop an agreement for parenting time, struggles over child custody might continue. In many cases, both fathers and mothers feel that they have not been treated fairly in family court.

Preparation is key in child custody proceedings

For people in Nebraska who are preparing to go through child custody proceedings, the idea of going into the courtroom to argue the case can be daunting. Legal proceedings are intimidating, somewhat by design, but preparation can alleviate nerves. Parents should keep a few preparation tips in mind as they approach a child custody case.

Children need both parents after a divorce

After a divorce in Nebraska or any other state, it is critical that parents do what is in the best interests of their children. This may include putting aside their own differences to make this happen. It is important to note that parents do not need to do this on their own. Parent coordinators can help them overcome conflicts such as how rigid a parenting plan should be or how to resolve other problems related to raising a child.

Film looks at race, poverty and family court system

Child custody and child support can be deeply emotional as well as financial issues for many people in Nebraska and across the country. The complications of dealing with the family court system can be especially difficult for people who already face problems at the intersection of race and poverty. The impact of these factors on African-American fathers and families is explored in a new documentary. In "Where's Daddy?" the filmmaker examines stereotypical portrayals of back fathers and how they contrast with the real-life experience of people struggling with the system.

How joint custody may be beneficial for children and parents

Joint legal custody could be the right solution for some parents in Nebraska even if they do not share physical custody. Legal custody gives a parent the right to make decisions about major elements of the child's life. This includes the child's religion, education and healthcare. It is not uncommon for one parent to have physical custody of the child while the parent who has visitation rights also shares legal custody.