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Posts tagged "Drug Charges"

Teens who share drugs can be charged with distribution

In Nebraska and throughout the United States, teens have shared recreational drugs with each other at parks, inside vehicles, and even inside homes for as long as people can remember. As communication technology has improved, this practice has only become easier. Alcohol and marijuana are shared the most often, but teen use of prescription drugs is on the rise. In some jurisdictions, teens who get caught sharing these substances can be charged as drug dealers.

Traffic stops lead to drug and cash seizures

The Nebraska State Patrol have reported that a series of traffic stops on Oct. 25 led to the seizure of about 160 pounds of marijuana and products containing THC. Troopers say that they also discovered $216,000 in suspected drug money. The traffic stops all took place on Interstate 80 near Roscoe.

Possible defenses against drug possession charges

When people in Nebraska are taken into custody on drug charges, there may be a number of different types of defenses available to them. In some cases, the defense may deal with errors of procedure while the approach in other cases may be to refute testimony or other evidence presented as fact.

Nebraska police arrest 3 during drug raid

Police in Nebraska have charged three people with methamphetamine possession with the intent to distribute in connection with the search of a Jefferson County home on the morning of July 31. Media accounts indicate that officers from the Fairbury Police Department and Deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office were involved in the operation, which took place at a residence in Fairbury.

Hopper Penn arrested on drug charges

Hopper Penn, the son of famous actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright, was arrested on drug charges in Nebraska after being pulled over while driving with his girlfriend on April 4. They were driving in a 1992 Volvo and accused of failing to signal properly for a turn. After they were stopped, the Nebraska State Patrol officer claimed to have detected signs of drug activity in the car. After police searched the vehicle, they found 14 grams of marijuana, 3 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms and four amphetamine pills.

Defining an unlawful possession charge

If a Nebraska resident is found to be in possession of a controlled substance, he or she could receive an unlawful possession charge. In addition to drugs themselves, those who illegally possess a handgun or drug paraphernalia can also face charges. How much of an illegal item a person possesses will partially determine the severity of the charge or if other charges are introduced.