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Guardianships and conservatorships are very important processes that should be handled by a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to make sure your loved one receives the protection he or she needs. At London Law Office, we have decades of experience helping families in the Lincoln area through the emotional, but necessary, process of seeking guardianships for children and adults as well as setting up a conservatorship in order to protect the assets of a loved one who is otherwise unable to.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Guardian?

A guardian is responsible for making decisions on behalf of a minor child or incapacitated adult — also known as the ward. While it is possible to have one guardian who is responsible for an individual's estate and one who is responsible for the individual's personal affairs, often one person is appointed to handle both. Some responsibilities a guardian might have are:

  • Arranging for education
  • Consenting to medical care
  • Handling everyday needs, including buying food and arranging transportation

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Conservator?

The difference between a guardian and a conservator is that a guardian handles personal decisions on behalf of the ward while a conservator is responsible for making financial decisions. A conservator may be responsible for paying the ward's bills, signing contracts and handling other financial affairs.

Protecting Incapacitated Adults

When an adult can no longer make personal decisions for himself or herself, it may be necessary to appoint a guardian or conservator to act on his or her behalf. If the incapacitated individual has not named someone in a will, the state will appoint one. Most often, a family member or spouse is named guardian as long as he or she is willing to take on the responsibilities. Common reasons an adult may need a guardian and/or conservator include:

  • Mental health problems
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Physical disability
  • Other serious health problems

Seeking Guardianship Of A Child

Seeking guardianship of a child may be appropriate when the child's parents are not fit to care for him or her. Dana London has helped numerous grandparents seek guardianship of their grandchildren as well as other adults seeking guardianship of a child in need.

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