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An Aggressive Defense For Your Alleged Sexual Offense

Sex offenses carry a major stigma in our society. Unfortunately, some people think it is acceptable to label a person a sex offender before he or she has even been convicted.

At London Law Office in Lincoln, we understand how stressful and even frightening it can be to face sexual assault charges. We know, however, that you are still a human being who deserves strong legal representation throughout this difficult process. Attorney Dana London has the skills and experience to protect your best interests as he fights the charges with you. Get the guidance you need today. Call 402-817-2890 or email us.

Protecting You From The Consequences Of A Sex Offense Conviction

Sexual assault, including rape and sexual contact with underage individuals, comes with unforgiving penalties that will change your life forever. The consequences may include:

  • Being forced to register as a sex offender
  • Decades in prison
  • Difficulty finding housing after you are released from prison
  • Difficulty finding a job
  • Negative effect on your personal relationships

Attorney Dana London has nearly 40 years of criminal defense experience. He has the knowledge and skills to challenge the case against you in an effort to protect you from these harsh penalties.

In any criminal case, the burden of proof lies on the shoulders of the prosecutor. By challenging the credibility of important witnesses and other key elements of a prosecutor’s case,attorney  Dana London will strive to limit the impact this situation has on your life.  Work with proven criminal defense attorney Dana London and the team at Dana Martin London. We understand what steps need to be taken to best protect your reputation, record and future.

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