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Obtaining Necessary And Proper Changes For Your Child Custody And Support Orders

If your family’s circumstances have changed significantly since your divorce or paternity action, you can seek a modification of your child custody and support orders. You should consult an experienced lawyer to ensure that your change in circumstances would qualify you to seek a change.

Mr. London will thoroughly examine your situation and prepare your court filing to ensure the greatest likelihood of success.

When Child Custody And Visitation Can Be Changed

In Nebraska, child custody can only be changed if there is a material change in your family’s circumstances that affects the best interests of your child. Some examples include:

  • A child is not doing well in school or in the home.
  • A parent is engaging in behavior that puts the child at risk.
  • An older child wants to live with the other parent.
  • A parent with primary custody needs to relocate for employment reasons.

Attorney Dana London has a thorough understanding of local courts and what information they will need to approve a change.

When You Need To Make Modifications To Child Support

In Nebraska, you can seek a modification of child support if there is a significant change affecting your income or support, such as:

  • Loss of employment
  • You or your spouse gets a new job with significantly higher or lower pay
  • You have another child
  • You child’s needs change

Even if your situation hasn’t changed significantly, child support in Nebraska can be recalculated every three years. If the amount of support payable changes by at least 10 percent, you can seek a modification for either an increase or a decrease.

Learn More About When You Can Change Custody Or Support

The London Law Office can answer your questions about when and how you can change child custody and support. Contact our Lincoln office today by sending an email or calling 402-817-2890.