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Are You Preparing For Divorce?

At London Law Office, we believe that divorce can and should be handled in a reasonable manner that allows both parties to move on with dignity. We know that divorce is a difficult process for many people, but we will be by your side the entire time.

Setting Reasonable Expectations

Attorney Dana London has nearly 40 years of experience helping people in Lincoln and surrounding areas work through divorce. He strives to set realistic expectations for each one of his clients. Understanding the possibilities in your divorce case will help you make reasonable and informed decisions about how to approach it and what to expect.

Guiding You Through Spousal Support And Property Division

A spousal support order can have a major impact on both spouses after divorce. By carefully assessing factors like the length of your marriage and your contributions to the marriage, we will help you work out a fair spousal support agreement if your circumstances are appropriate for doing so.

In addition to spousal support, property division is among the most important aspects of a divorce. Especially if you have been married for many years, dividing marital property can be complicated. Mr. London will make sure you consider all possibilities. He has experience dividing even the most complex assets, including:

  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Marital homes
  • Business interests, including a family business

Don’t Let A Judge Make Decisions For You

We stress mediation over litigation because we believe that you and your spouse are the best people to make decisions about your own divorce. While Mr. London has extensive litigation experience, litigation leaves the final terms of your divorce — including child custody — up to a judge who hardly knows you. Thus, emphasis is placed on settling the issues to avoid the uncertainty of trial.

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