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When Can Custodial Parents Relocate After Divorce?

If you are a custodial parent who is seeking to move to another state, or you are a parent with visitation rights who is opposed to a custodial parent’s plans to move, now is a time when you need legal advice and representation.

In Nebraska, a custodial parent cannot remove a child from the state without the court’s permission. With nearly 40 years of family law experience, Mr. London can help you build the strongest possible case for or against a move.

The Court Considers The Reasons For The Move And The Best Interests Of The Child

Nebraska courts believe that it is in children’s best interests to have frequent contact with both parents after divorce. A parent who wishes to relocate will have to show the court a legitimate reason for the move. Examples include a change in employment, a job transfer or the need to be closer to family support. The court’s ultimate decision will be based on what is in the best interests of the child rather than the desires of the parent, and this involves consideration of a number of factors that Mr. London can explain.

If the court gives permission for the custodial parent to relocate, you and your ex will need to negotiate a new parenting plan. For example, rather than visitation every other weekend, the court may approve longer periods of visitation during holidays and school breaks. Support may be modified to account for the cost of child travel.

Talk To A Compassionate Lawyer About Your Parental Rights

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