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Abuse takes many forms

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2018 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

There are many ways in which Nebraska residents may be abused by a partner or spouse. The most well-known form is physical abuse, which can include hitting, slapping or strangling another person. In some cases, physical abuse entails the damaging of personal property as well. An individual can also be sexually abused by a partner. This may include actions that cause physical pain to a victim.

Furthermore, sexual abuse might entail being forced to engage in sexual activity of some kind with other people. If a partner sabotages birth control or some kind of sexual protection, that could be a form of sexual abuse as well. Those who are forbidden from working by their partners may be victims of financial abuse. This could include being physically harmed to the point where the injuries make it impossible to work. A partner may also inflict financial abuse on another person by taking control of their assets or trying to ruin a credit score.

Immigrants are particularly vulnerable to relationship abuse. For example, immigrants may be threatened with deportation or told that their family members will be harmed.

Those who believe that they have been a victim of physical or other forms of abuse may wish to pursue a protective order against their abuser. If a victim has children, it is possible to seek an order of protection for the child as well. Parents or guardians are generally responsible for seeking protection if their children are victims of abuse. An attorney can be helpful if legal action is taken against an abuser.