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February 2018 Archives

Plan early for post-divorce finances

Divorcing Nebraska couples may anticipate the signing of the final divorce decree like it is the finish line to a marathon. While reaching the final agreement and getting a court order is a major milestone, there is more to the journey into singlehood. When a judge signs a decree, it is analogous to a general issuing marching orders to be carried out by others with the specter of punishment if disregarded. In order to fully implement the plan for property division and for the parties to protect themselves financially, there are a few key things to address before reaching the actual divorce finish line.

Seeking revenge only hurts kids in divorce court

Nebraska parents going through a divorce might be tempted to use the legal system to get revenge against a cheating spouse, but paying lawyers to fight gets expensive and may not be emotionally beneficial in the long run. The idea of airing grievances and publicly embarrassing a disappointing partner can be appealing, but it is a mistake that can cost everyone involved a lot more than money.

What to know about getting divorced young

For some young couples in Nebraska, getting married feels like the right thing to do. However, there can be some unique challenges faced by those who also get divorced at a young age. Those who are in their 20s when they get divorced may not have anyone to talk to who can relate to what they are going through.