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March 2018 Archives

Domestic abuse and gun control laws

Gun control advocates in Nebraska may soon see people who have been convicted of domestic violence crimes subject to restrictive gun control legislation. The fallout from a high school shooting in Florida may result in the passage of bills that will make state laws regarding gun ownership more enforceable and uniform.

Defining an unlawful possession charge

If a Nebraska resident is found to be in possession of a controlled substance, he or she could receive an unlawful possession charge. In addition to drugs themselves, those who illegally possess a handgun or drug paraphernalia can also face charges. How much of an illegal item a person possesses will partially determine the severity of the charge or if other charges are introduced.

How child support orders are enforced

If a Nebraska parent fails to pay child support as ordered, enforcement mechanisms may be used to compel it. In some cases, a person may have his or her wages garnished, pay a fine or have a tax refund seized to fulfill a support obligation. When wages are garnished, they are removed directly from a parent's paycheck before he or she receives it.

Preplanning for divorce is financially beneficial

Nebraska couples headed for marriage may want to avoid any consideration of divorce, but continually high divorce rates make such thinking questionable. Some pragmatic couples seeking to protect their assets are implementing safeguards in case their marriages fail as a form of insurance they hope to never use.

Drunk driving charges around the world

Drunk driving is illegal everywhere in the United States, but Nebraska as well as all other states each have their own specific laws. The laws outside of the U.S. vary, but all are based on the alcohol content in a driver's blood. Penalties upon conviction can depend on how far over the legal limit the driver was, and whether it was a first or a repeat offense.