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January 2018 Archives

Tax law changes could inspire faster divorces

The tax law enacted in December 2017 could be leading a number of Texas couples into ending their marriages more quickly. Approximately 800,000 American couples seek a divorce each year, and a provision in the law that could make spousal support payments more expensive could produce more filings in 2018. The provision will go into effect in 2019.

Tech industry divorces can be complex

The end of a marriage is always a challenging time for people in Nebraska. Divorce brings with it a number of personal and emotional difficulties, and ending a marriage with many years behind it or children involved can be a heavy burden. However, the complexities of divorce are not only related to emotions. High asset divorces can be replete with complex financial issues that require significant work to provide proper valuation and ongoing negotiations to secure a fair outcome in a divorce settlement. One sector for a number of complex, high asset divorces has been the tech industry and its start-up culture.

Attitudes toward domestic abuse common in all fields

Although first responders in Nebraska and around the country are tasked with helping domestic abuse victims, they may actually make victims feel worse about their circumstances. To see what their attitudes toward domestic violence were, 403 EMTs took a survey conducted by Florida State and University of Windsor researchers. Of those who responded, 33 percent said that domestic violence is a normal response to daily stress.

Abuse takes many forms

There are many ways in which Nebraska residents may be abused by a partner or spouse. The most well-known form is physical abuse, which can include hitting, slapping or strangling another person. In some cases, physical abuse entails the damaging of personal property as well. An individual can also be sexually abused by a partner. This may include actions that cause physical pain to a victim.

Steps to take before filing divorce petitions

It is common for an increased number of divorce petitions to be filed during January of each year in Nebraska. Some people wait to file their divorce petitions until after the holidays, resulting in a surge of filings when the new year begins. There are several steps that one should take to prepare for their consultations.