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Cocaine charges in Nebraska

Residents of Nebraska should be aware of what can happen to them if they're caught with cocaine. Possessing and selling cocaine are both offenses under state law. Although some people use cocaine recreationally without becoming addicted, they are still supporting...

How do I establish paternity?

Every man who is not married to the mother of his child should establish paternity. The only legal establishment of paternity at birth is in the case of a married couple. The law always presumes the husband to be the father of a baby. Unmarried fathers have no rights...

How can I discuss money with my ex?

Once you sign your divorce papers and the judge closes your case in Nebraska, you may think that is the end. However, if you share children with your ex-spouse, then you still have many years of interacting. You cannot push your ex-spouse completely out of your life...

How do I modify my parenting plan?

During your divorce in Nebraska, you created a parenting plan outlining the details of your child custody arrangement. This plan included a lot of information about when the children would be with you and when they would be with the other parent. It probably outlined...