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September 2018 Archives

Why and how to get a prenuptial agreement

Some Nebraska couples may resist the idea of a prenuptial agreement. People may be concerned it will upset their families, or they may not want to share private financial information about debt and bankruptcy. They might even think a prenup could increase the chances they will get a divorce. However, many experts believe that prenups can offer important protection in particular to people with blended families, in second marriages or in ownership of a business.

Divorce for older adults has financial, social implications

Nebraska adults who are 50 and older may be divorcing at higher rates than older people in previous generations. Since 1990, the divorce rate for people in that age bracket has doubled, and it is is three times higher than it was in 1990 for people 65 and older.

Preparation is key in child custody proceedings

For people in Nebraska who are preparing to go through child custody proceedings, the idea of going into the courtroom to argue the case can be daunting. Legal proceedings are intimidating, somewhat by design, but preparation can alleviate nerves. Parents should keep a few preparation tips in mind as they approach a child custody case.