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August 2018 Archives

Police step up DUI enforcement

Various Nebraska police agencies have noted that they are planning a strong crackdown on drunk driving as part of several initiatives that have seen widespread citations and warnings. Around St. Patrick's Day, Papillion police distributed 35 citations, and 10 days later, La Vista police announced three DUI arrests within one four-hour period. Law enforcement spokespeople have commented in media interviews and social media posts that they view drunk driving as a major danger on the roads.

Challenging a drunk driving charge in Nebraska

For anyone charged for driving under the influence in Nebraska, the ramifications can include harsh penalties with potentially life-changing consequences. The state takes a hardline stance against impaired driving, meaning many charged with these offenses see no feasible way to fight the charges they face.

What high net worth couples need to know

Divorce and separation can be incredibly difficult for any couple; however, for high net worth couples, divorce brings with it a new set of challenges. Some of these problems can be preemptively avoided prior to marriage by signing a prenuptial agreement, which can offer assistance, guidance and protection should a divorce occur.

Financial issues to consider when getting a divorce

When a couple in Nebraska decides to divorce, there are many different financial issues to consider. For instance, if a marital home has to be sold, there needs to be a plan for splitting the proceeds from the sale. It may also be necessary to determine who will pay the balance on the mortgage if the property sells for less than it is worth.

Nebraska police arrest 3 during drug raid

Police in Nebraska have charged three people with methamphetamine possession with the intent to distribute in connection with the search of a Jefferson County home on the morning of July 31. Media accounts indicate that officers from the Fairbury Police Department and Deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office were involved in the operation, which took place at a residence in Fairbury.