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The difficulties of leaving an abusive marriage

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

Nebraska residents may not be aware of just how serious of a public health problem domestic violence can be. In fact, across the country, it is estimated that a woman is assaulted every nine seconds. Further, it is estimated that 1 in 3 individuals experienced physical abuse by a romantic or intimate partner. Domestic abuse can cause the ending of a marriage to be difficult or even dangerous for some. In some cases, the anger, violence or financial abuse that occurred during the marriage could escalate throughout the divorce process.

While the situation can become so severe that a spouse may fear for his or her life, the attempt to financially control the spouse may not stop with the threat of physical or mental abuse. Some intimate partners may continue to attempt to financially undermine their spouses by harassing them at work or ruining their credit, which can prevent them from taking out loans. Some abusive partners take complete control of the finances, forcing their spouses to rely on them.

For those who do experience financial abuse, leaving or getting a divorce can be extremely difficult. They may not have access to the funds they need to get out of the marriage, find housing, obtain transportation if they do not already have it and seek employment.

Attempting to start the divorce process with an abusive spouse is one of the most dangerous times for those who are experiencing some form of domestic violence within their marriage. However, a family law attorney may be able to assist. This may include determining what funds and marital assets the person may be entitled to. If there is a child involved in the situation, the attorney may also gather evidence that proves that the other parent is abusive and therefore a danger to the child.