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Preparation is key in child custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Child Custody And Visitation, Firm News |

For people in Nebraska who are preparing to go through child custody proceedings, the idea of going into the courtroom to argue the case can be daunting. Legal proceedings are intimidating, somewhat by design, but preparation can alleviate nerves. Parents should keep a few preparation tips in mind as they approach a child custody case.

It’s a good idea to anticipate possible questions and prepare answers. A parent who has a young child and a full-time job, for example, might expect some questions about child care. The court might ask a parent who lives in a one-bedroom apartment where the child will sleep there.

Depending on the case, it may be helpful for a person to bring witnesses, such as teachers or babysitters, who can attest to his or her abilities and character as a parent. For parents who have legal representation, the attorneys will generally play a large role in developing arguments for family court hearings. In preparation for arguments, it might be helpful for the parent to examine his or her ability to provide living arrangements or emotional support to his or her child as well as other areas that may be focused on by the court or the other side.

Child custody hearings often do not last very long. Judges and other officials involved hear many cases every day. Preparation can help parents put their best foot forward during a brief window.

Parents should dress conservatively and formally in a way that communicates to the court that they’re taking it seriously. People in Nebraska who have questions about the child custody process might want to speak with a lawyer. An attorney with experience in family law might be able to assist someone by communicating with the other parent or drafting and filing legal documents to move the custody process along. A lawyer might gather evidence in preparation for official proceedings or provide advice regarding the options available to his or her client.