Parenting plans depend on how well exes get along

Despite all the turmoil a divorce brings, separation is often in the couple's best interests. Those with children in Nebraska, however, will have additional considerations. While it's better for the exes to get along for the sake of the kids as everyone makes the transition to a new life, this can be quite a challenge.

If the couple can, for the most part, communicate openly and without animosity, it is possible to establish a co-parenting plan. Together, the couple will not only reach agreements on the big picture issues such as religion, medical and educational decisions but also on day-to-day living. If communication channels are not open, relationship experts suggest a parallel parenting plan instead. In this structure, the exes are disengaged from each other in regards to the kids' daily lives. However, such an arrangement still depends on a consensus on the major issues.

Although a parallel parenting plan is not ideal, it can work if certain considerations are kept in mind. Because communication is so difficult, the initial parenting plan should be as concise and detailed as possible. No matter how impossible it may be to interact with the other parent, it's important to avoid arguments in front of the children at all costs. The children deserve a healthy, loving relationship with both parents that doesn't involve a lot of negative conflict.

Child custody disputes, visitation rights and modification agreements are just some of the issues that can arise after a divorce. A family law attorney can help a client work through these emotional issues to arrive at a reasonable solution.

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