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How can you deal with a high asset divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Nebraskan residents like you who are dealing with high assets during your divorce time may be wondering how those assets could affect you. Compared to people with fewer assets, you will indeed face some unique hurdles.

FindLaw has a piece detailing some practical legal tips that can be used if you are involved in a high asset divorce. One of the first things suggested is to locate all assets. Anything with value can be considered an asset, from the more typical things like cars and houses to the less common ones like electronics or artwork. After finding all assets, you can then divide them between community property, marital property, and separate property, allowing you to determine who gets what with greater ease.

You can keep your court filings private as well, by sealing certain documents which allows only the court and involved parties to see them. This is generally suggested for high asset divorces, as you don’t want personal information or sensitive numbers like your net worth being leaked to the general public. It could easily be used against you.

Finally, you may want to consider seeking the aid of an attorney. High asset divorces can usually involve a lot of different sources of income such as inheritances, business, savings, retirement funds, and so on. Because of the complexities involved in trying to organize multiple sources of income like this, it may be easier to handle if you have the insight and supervision of an attorney who has handled similar situations before.