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How can you tackle summer vacation visitation?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Child Custody And Visitation |

Summer vacation is a crucial visiting time for most divorced parents. With the fun of vacation, however, comes the stress of child custody. You have to be able to handle the visiting transitions.

The following tips, according to Huffington Post, can alleviate some of the stress behind summer vacation visitation.

Initiate vacation discussions

When preparing for a vacation or trip over summer, it is crucial to have family discussions. Involve your children in these discussions. It is crucial that you take into consideration your children’s needs and do not try to monopolize their time. Once you can sit down and make a plan with your children and with your ex, stick with that plan.

Refrain from surprise demands

Say that there was a mix-up with your vacation reservations. You cannot reschedule your vacation, but any sort of mix-up could mean that you will be out of town on different days than initially discussed. Do not call your ex to inform him or her that plans changed and that you will need your children on different days.

You can request different times, of course! Explain the situation in a calm, gentle way. Do not make demands or act hostile if your ex does not comply right away. Sometimes, you will have to make a compromise.

Learn to compromise

Give and take is important when you are raising a child. When it comes to child custody and vacation time, especially during the summer, you should practice empathy and learn to compromise. Sometimes, the schedule may change. Make sure that all changes are reasonable but be open to wiggle room within the parenting plan.