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Why are voluntary and formal proceedings important for paternity?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Firm News |

When you undergo testing for paternity, it may be confusing to know what options are out there for proving you are the father.

Formal and voluntary proceedings both show you have a biological connection to your child.


The main difference between the two types is how much say the father gets in the process. Formal proceedings come at the order of a court official, usually due to the mother or another person requesting a test. Voluntary proceedings happen because of your own request.

The need for child support could be the catalyst for formal requests. Paying for a child alone can put a strain on the mother, which leads to a need for proof from the father.


However, sometimes fathers voluntarily take a paternity test. You may have an interest in being in your child’s life or may be seeking visitation rights. Custody cases also typically look at the relationship of the parent and child. By proving you are the father of the child, you can strengthen your case for seeing him or her regularly.

Other reasons why

In some cases, a father wants to be sure of his biological connection to the child before paying child support. By taking a paternity test, it is possible to prove your relationship to the child in question for all for any future legal issues.

It is possible for some men to not even know they had offspring until after the baby had been born. Reasons for testing paternity in this situation usually revolve around being able to see who is the biological father.