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Are you eligible for drug court in Lancaster County?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Drug Charges |

As someone facing a drug charge in Lancaster County, Nebraska, you may be fearful about whether you may have to log time behind bars if your charge leads to a conviction. Depending on circumstances and whether you meet eligibility criteria, though, you may be able to avoid jail or prison by instead enrolling in drug court. 

Lancaster County’s Adult Drug Court has several objectives. First, it holds you and other drug offenders accountable for offenses. Second, it helps treat your substance dependency with the belief that, by doing so, it should reduce criminal behavior and enhance public safety. 

Drug court participation requirements

During your tenure in the drug court program, expect to have to make regular appearances before program administrators and submit to regular drug tests. You also need to abide by the terms of an individualized treatment plan and spend at least 18 months in the program. 

During your participation in drug court, you also need to maintain steady employment or attend GED classes or otherwise move toward achieving educational and professional goals. You also need to abide by all guidelines set in the drug court handbook, among other compliance requirements. 

Drug court eligibility requirements

You may be able to enter drug court if a screening process reveals you are eligible. However, certain offenses make you ineligible for enrollment in drug court. Felony violent crimes and class one felony crimes fall under this umbrella. Offenses relating to fleeing a scene to avoid arrest or leaving the scene of an accident involving injury also make you ineligible for the program. 

Other factors may also exclude you from consideration in drug court. You may not sign on if you are on parole, have a history of sexual assault or have a history of violent or assaultive behavior.