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What do you know about getting a job with a DUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2021 | Dui |

While determining how much your recent driving under the influence charge affects your life, you still want to find a new job in Nebraska. How do you navigate your DUI with potential employers?

Chron offers tips for obtaining employment with a drunk driving charge. Do not feel your mistake shackles you to a life of rejection while attempting to advance your career.

Run a background check on yourself

Before submitting another application, check your own criminal background to ensure accuracy. For instance, you may notice someone else’s charge listed on your rap sheet, or you may see multiple DUI charges when you only have one. No matter the mistake, clear it up as quickly as possible.

Know when to speak on your DUI

Do not think that you must mention your criminal charge when you first meet a recruiter or hiring manager. Instead, the most favorable time to reveal the news is after you show what makes you a great candidate and the company takes a keen interest in bringing you onto the team. That way, the company has a well-balanced idea of who you are as a person and a professional.

Do not shy away from the truth

You may feel an itching temptation to lie about your DUI or conceal the whole truth. Resist the urge, as it may cost you the opportunity to work with a company willing to hire applicants with a criminal past, but not candidates who lie. After all, businesses may easily run a background check on you, so you may as well own up to your mistakes.

Having a DUI does not disqualify you from every job opening. Learn your rights on the matter to secure your professional future.