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How does the court determine a child’s best interests?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Child Custody |

When crafting a parenting plan, there are many factors that can impact a child’s emotional growth and physical safety. Your level of care and your ability to meet the needs of your child influence the court’s final decision.

Knowing all of the factors is imperative as you go through the child custody process.

Physical safety

According to Nebraska Legislature, judges look closely at your ability to provide a steady and safe place of residence for your children. Odd guests coming in and out at all hours or a history of drug use is cause for concern. Providing quality medical care, as well as food and clothing, is also part of this agreement.

For younger children, a sudden change like a divorce can leave them feeling lost. A safe home also helps your children feel secure and stay focused on school.

Willingness to help connect

Staying close and connected with extended family helps a child’s mental health and emotional growth. If you express that you wish to keep an open line of communication between your children and their relatives, then the court may look more favorably on you.

Continuing to review the parenting plan for the future is also important. Trying to minimize conflict between you and your ex-spouse in front of your children is one aspect of this agreement.

Wishes of the child

When a child is old enough to express a stable and consistent opinion, many judges will listen to it. He or she may prefer living with one parent more than the other or need special accommodations in the parenting plan.

Staying aware of what makes up a child’s best interests can help you choose the best arrangement for your new life.