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3 things you should do when accused of theft

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Theft Crimes |

If your employer or someone you know accuses you of theft you need to stay calm. Although you may be subject to termination or criminal prosecution, you still have rights.

If you begin to panic, you should start by making an effort to understand the situation, but also remember that you must protect yourself.

Do not say anything about it.

If your employer or an acquaintance accuses you of theft, the first thing you should do is stay quiet. The authorities will use what you say against you even if you believe they are there to help. Excuses and alibis are not advisable because if you contradict them later it will damage your credibility. Exercise your Fifth Amendment right to silence even if the authorities are asking you questions.

Hire an attorney.

Hiring an attorney is a great option if you want to protect yourself. A theft conviction is very serious and an attorney is your best chance of avoiding one. The penalties you may face vary depending on the value of the property or money your accuser said you stole. Follow your attorney’s advice and let them know the full extent of everything that happened so they can represent you to the best of their ability.

Remember evidence that defends you.

Make things easy for your attorney. Tell them about any document or circumstance that may exonerate you. If there is someone who can serve as an alibi at the time of the crime or if there are cameras at your workplace let them know.

You will not improve the situation by getting angry or emotional. Any frustration you display will prevent your attorney from representing you properly. Your attorney has answers to any questions you have about your right to privacy or your HR record.