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Cocaine charges in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Firm News |

Residents of Nebraska should be aware of what can happen to them if they’re caught with cocaine. Possessing and selling cocaine are both offenses under state law. Although some people use cocaine recreationally without becoming addicted, they are still supporting criminal organizations by doing so. Cocaine use may seem victimless to them, but it’s really not the case. Nebraska’s laws about cocaine use are usually perceived as tough, even though they do offer some room for leniency.

Alternative sentencing in Nebraska

Drug charges are taken very seriously in Nebraska. That said, the state’s laws do offer ways for users to get help. One example of this is the state’s drug courts. In drug court, offenders without a record of violent crimes have the option of going to rehab. This can be a great option for many defendants, as long as they have one felony conviction or fewer.

Amount and sentences

The alternative to rehab in Nebraska is a prison sentence for simple possession that can be as long as five years. That’s true for any detectable amount, up to 10 grams. People caught with amounts of more than 10 grams can find themselves charged with possession with intent. That is, the court looks at them as a dealer, not just an end user. The sentence for that crime is a mandatory five-year minimum. It can be as much as fifty years.

If you are caught with cocaine in Nebraska, you need to weigh your options carefully. Drug court is available in many counties. The County Attorney is likely to recommend sincere individuals for this option. Choosing rehab can make it much easier to rebuild your life. It can even help you learn how to make better decisions generally and avoid further trouble in the future.