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Why you should avoid conflict in jail

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If you are in jail, many stressors are likely surrounding you. Other inmates, personnel and the building itself can make it difficult to think rationally. On top of this, you may feel that you have nothing to lose.

No matter how drab the present feels, it is important to watch your emotions and behavior. There might be repercussions far worse than your current circumstance. While it is not always easy, mitigating conflict can help you avoid further trouble with the law.


There are many circumstances that can lead to a fight in jail. Inmates or correctional officers might go out of their way to test your patience and see what makes you tick. You might also feel threatened or afraid for your safety. Regardless of how intense a situation becomes, putting your hands on another person while detained can land you with a Class IIIA felony. If you use a weapon, the court can charge you with a Class IIA felony instead.


After charging you, a judge can impose a sentence that is consecutive to what you are already serving. This sentencing will not include the time you have already done unless the previous charge is solely connected to the new one. One fistfight can add three years to your jail time, and an assault with a weapon can add up to twenty.

Jail is not an easy place to navigate, but you must maintain a level head while you are there. Keeping away from conflict can help you meet peace of mind and rejoin the free world sooner.