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Determining legal paternity in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Child Custody And Visitation |

If you’re a Nebraska resident and you need to establish paternity for your child, there are several forms you’ll need to fill out to submit to the courts. Be sure to gather all the necessary information before starting your case.

What does a paternity case include?

The paternity case will include the process of finding evidence that a specific individual is the father of the child as well as an order of custody for the children. You can also submit an order for parenting time with the children as well as orders for child support and health insurance. Some cases can include an order for health care expenses and childcare.

More on establishing paternity in Nebraska

In Nebraska, you are required to file your complaint and start a paternity case within four years of the child’s birth. If you wait until after the child’s fourth birthday, the next steps are more complicated and may require legal help.

In most instances, the child must have lived in Nebraska since birth or for at least six months before you can file a complaint concerning paternity, custody, parenting time and child support. There is a cost to file a complaint, so confirm with the court the amount and method before you file your paperwork. You should file with the clerk of the district court in the Nebraska county where the child lives.

When it comes to establishing paternity, every district court will have specific mandates that apply to your paternity case. Be sure to check with the clerk for your county so that you can complete your case as efficiently as possible and secure your rights.