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How to make co-parenting work after a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Child Custody |

Divorce is initially hard for Nebraska parents to cope with, and focusing on establishing co-parenting techniques may help. In addition, learning effective communication techniques after emotional turmoil will help parents continue to work together to raise their children.

Put aside any hard feelings

Lingering feelings or anger can make communication difficult with your ex-spouse. When around your children, set aside personal feelings toward each other and focus on the needs of the children. This can only benefit your kids and strengthen your co-parenting with your former spouse.

Avoid putting the kids in the middle

Avoid using the children to fight or talk about the other parent negatively. Speaking directly and honestly between the two of you, without the children around, can benefit the children. Also, do not rely on the children to pass messages back and forth, collaborate on the children’s schedules and discuss the issues that arise privately.

Be a good communicator

Honest and frequent communication is beneficial to the co-parenting style. Keep in mind that you are both staying in contact to ensure your children’s well-being physically and emotionally. Find a communication style that works well for both parties. Try a shared calendar, email, text, or phone call if in-person or video chats are not acceptable.

Continue being a team

Children need consistency to do their best. Creating a routine as a single parental unit will benefit you and your children. Remaining level-headed and mature while making decisions on behalf of your kids is the best way to show them that you’re still a team and a cohesive unit despite your divorce.

Effective communication, honesty and a routine will assist you and your ex-spouse in becoming excellent co-parents. Keep in mind there is a transitional period that will not be easy; keep level-headed and in communication with one another to get established as co-parents in separate households.