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How could a DUI effect your career?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2022 | Divorce |

There’s no question that getting a DUI in Nebraska can negatively impact your career. A single DUI conviction might cause years of negative outcomes on the job market.

Criminal history

Most employers inquire about criminal history on job applications, and they may disqualify a candidate with a DUI. You may choose not to disclose information about your DUI on your application, but the employer will find out after performing a background check since DUI offenders are often charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Driving record

If your position requires you to drive a vehicle or operate a specific type of machinery, a DUI arrest might lead to job loss. Maintaining a clean driving record is required by many employers. Some even perform yearly checks by ordering their employees’ motor vehicle reports from the DMV. License suspension is also common after a DUI, which will immediately make you ineligible for positions that require you to drive.

Character assessment

Employers generally seek workers who make good decisions on the job and outside of the workplace. If you get charged with a DUI, this might give the employer pause and may cause them to question your overall character.

Future opportunities

If an employer finds out about your DUI and decides to keep you onboard, you might have a difficult time moving up in the organization. Because of the significant impact a DUI can have on your criminal and motor vehicle record, an employer might decide to overlook you when new opportunities arise. It can take a while for you to win back your employer’s trust.

Thriving in your career after a DUI is challenging but not impossible, especially if you’re a one-time offender. If you have a DUI, it’s best to discuss the situation with your employer soon after the conviction to find out if your career is in jeopardy.