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Nebraska DUI booking and bail

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

There were an estimated 2,219 DUI arrests in Nebraska in 2021. A DUI in Nebraska can cause you to lose your license, spend time in jail and pay financial penalties. You’ll also have to deal with DUI booking and bail.

DUI booking

After an arrest for a DUI, you’ll get taken into police custody and get booked. Being booked means being processed into the criminal justice system and spending time in jail. You’ll have several steps to complete during your booking.

The booking officer will record personal information such as your name, birthday, and physical characteristics. The booking officer will also record information about the crime you’re accused of, which is a DUI in this case.

After your fingerprints and photographs are taken, you’ll undergo a physical search. During this search, your items, such as keys or your wallet, are confiscated until your release. The last step in the booking process is being placed in a local jail or holding cell at a police station.

Making bail

Under normal circumstances, you’ll pay bail to gain release or get release based on your recognizance.

The bail process involves paying money in exchange for your release. You must promise to appear in court for criminal proceedings related to your DUI.

If immediate bail isn’t an option, you’ll wait for a judge to decide if you’re eligible for bail. If the judge grants bail, you’ll have to pay the amount set by the judge. The amount depends on your criminal history and the seriousness of the DUI.

Another possibility is you’ll get released on your recognizance. You won’t pay bail but promise to appear at all upcoming court proceedings concerning your DUI.

Regaining your freedom

There are several options for getting released after a DUI. In most cases, you can do so by paying a fee or agreeing to appear in court. If anyone is killed during your DUI, that will affect your options for regaining your freedom.