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When parental substance use may be child abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Child Custody, Drug Charges |

Nebraska is one of the 33 states in the country with laws that address parents or primary caregivers exposing children to illegal drug activity. It is essential to understand the risks and protect children. Below are some examples of illegal drug activity.

Manufacturing and Selling drugs

Selling drugs in the presence of children can put them in a dangerous situation. Manufacturing drugs around children is also dangerous. Both the chemicals and equipment create multiple risks.

Using drugs

When people use illegal substances around children, they may become impaired enough to be unable to care for the kids properly. That can leave the children in many potential forms of danger. They may take illegal substances that parents leave out, wander outside, find household chemicals or do other dangerous things.

Illegal drug activity can affect custody

Although courts like to see children enjoy the benefits of living with their parents or primary caregivers, the state has a duty to protect them when their home life is dangerous. In some cases, parents may lose custody of children if they are convicted of drug possession and put children in danger. For parents who have visitation rights, those rights may be lost in some situations. There may be several steps that parents must take to establish visitation again after getting sober and going to rehab.

Since exposing children to illegal drug activity can be child abuse, it is important for any parents with a history of substance use to do everything possible to stay sober. This may involve behavioral therapy, 12-step meetings or other sources of help.