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Drug abuse in teens and adolescents

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2023 | Drug Charges |

Safety experts in Nebraska are concerned about the rise of drug abuse among young people. The ease of drug access is an aggravating factor. This increased drug use can lead to various unfortunate outcomes if not checked in time. Chief among them include a rise in crime and deaths at a very young age.

Teens are gaining access to dangerous drugs

Issues concerning drugs(possession and distribution) among adolescents are growing more prevalent in the state. Access to drugs is becoming ever easier even as they discover new ways to hide drugs from the authorities. Teens can get drugs from other teens who specialize in selling them. They can obtain them at parties, concerts, and even at school.

Teen drug users have also come up with new ways to conceal drugs. They can hide them in their backpacks and handbags. They can disguise them in a bottle of children’s vitamins. Some of them have even begun to hide pills in Tootsie rolls. No matter how they hide them, the dangers associated with drug use cannot be long concealed.

Teens who share drugs can be charged

Parents should be aware that teens who engage in the distribution can be charged with a criminal offense. This includes even teens who merely share, rather than sell, drugs. In some areas, teens who engage in this activity could be charged as drug dealers.

This will especially be the case if sharing a drug with another teen results in a fatal overdose. Should this occur, the teen who supplied the drug can be charged with homicide. Parents are encouraged to share their concerns with their teens to prevent tragic outcomes.