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How can you go back to your previous name after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2024 | Divorce |

After the stressful experience of a divorce, it is common for people to seek to reclaim their identity. In fact, many individuals find comfort in returning to their former name as a symbolic move towards a fresh start. Sometimes, your married name can be a painful reminder of a challenging divorce. Other times, you may prefer to revert to your former name for personal reasons. Regardless, the state of Nebraska allows you to change your name to your maiden name or the name from your first marriage.

It’s important to act promptly to streamline this process post-divorce.

Process for reclaiming your former name

If you plan to revert to your previous name following a divorce, it’s important to communicate this to your attorney during your initial meeting. Your attorney can then include this request in your Complaint or petition for divorce, which outlines your case details and requests to the judge. If this request is not included, the court may not know that you want a name change. In effect, you could encounter obstacles such as potential delays and additional paperwork if you decide to request this after the finalization of your divorce.

So, to streamline the process and ensure a smoother post-divorce transition, it’s crucial to clarify this preference early on to incorporate it into your Complaint.

What happens if you don’t include it in the petition

Even if this detail isn’t initially included, you typically have the option to add it at a later stage. This is because the court recognizes that certain requests, such as a name change, may arise as you navigate your life post-divorce. As such, Nebraska’s legal system provides the flexibility to request a name change even after finalizing the divorce.

Steps after the divorce decree

After the court grants your request to revert to your former name, you must have several documents ready. These documents include a certified copy of your decree to change your name and other important documents like your driver’s license and social security card. Reclaiming your former name after a divorce in Nebraska is a straightforward process, but it requires careful attention to detail and timely action. As such, you should consider seeking the help of a family law attorney to assist you in this process.