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What paperwork can be necessary for a paternity hearing?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2024 | Child Custody And Visitation |

Setting and finalizing child-related arrangements can be challenging, mainly when legal details, such as paternity, can change the process’s direction. For some child custody cases, establishing paternity could be vital, considerably impacting the child’s life. This step can also be crucial in determining the rights and responsibilities the parents will share for their child’s well-being.

The process to finalize these details can vary per state, but Nebraska law has provisions concerning the procedure and its requirements. When attending a paternity hearing, the following documents can be necessary:

  • The appropriate decree, with copies according to the instructions provided during the preparation
  • A document with the calculation for child support, bringing along additional copies
  • The original document of the genetic test result to establish paternity with at least two more copies
  • A parenting plan developed between parents using the state’s standard format as a guide
  • Files relevant to legal and physical custody arrangements

Aside from bringing these requirements to court, the involved parents may also need to speak during the hearing. Fortunately, it can be easy to prepare since there are sample scripts, but these statements can vary based on the situation.

Additionally, attending parents should conduct themselves appropriately when going to court for a paternity hearing. Aside from being punctual, involved parties should behave respectfully from start to finish, especially when providing statements or testimonies.

Navigating the paternity process

Being a parent and raising a child can be difficult, but going through the paternity process could bring about more obstacles that might be confusing and exhausting to handle alone. In these situations, seeking legal counsel can be essential, mainly under unique circumstances that may complicate the process. It might be impossible to remove challenges and make them easier to deal with, but experienced guidance can help navigate legal issues that may arise along the way.