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Steps to take before filing divorce petitions

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

It is common for an increased number of divorce petitions to be filed during January of each year in Nebraska. Some people wait to file their divorce petitions until after the holidays, resulting in a surge of filings when the new year begins. There are several steps that one should take to prepare for their consultations.

People should start by gathering their financial documentation. Since they won’t have their year-end tax information until later, they should collect their final paystubs from 2017. Other financial information that they should bring to their meetings includes bank statements, credit card statements, last year’s tax returns and credit reports if there are substantial debts.

People should also be careful on their social media platforms. It might be wise to review what they have posted on Facebook and edit it. They may want to avoid talking about what is going on, and they should realize that divorce lawyers for their spouses might use what they have posted on social media against them after they have filed their cases. It might make the most sense to take an extended break from social media until after their divorces are finalized. One might also want to make a list of their goals for both during and after their divorces.

By thoroughly preparing for filing for their divorces, people might assist their lawyers with understanding the particular divorce legal issues that they might be facing. The attorneys may help their clients to reframe the problems that they are facing logically instead of emotionally. This might help to minimize some of the emotional conflicts that might otherwise happen while they are getting divorced. Preparation may help people enjoy a faster and smoother divorce process so that they can move forward with their lives when their divorces are over.