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Tech industry divorces can be complex

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

The end of a marriage is always a challenging time for people in Nebraska. Divorce brings with it a number of personal and emotional difficulties, and ending a marriage with many years behind it or children involved can be a heavy burden. However, the complexities of divorce are not only related to emotions. High asset divorces can be replete with complex financial issues that require significant work to provide proper valuation and ongoing negotiations to secure a fair outcome in a divorce settlement. One sector for a number of complex, high asset divorces has been the tech industry and its start-up culture.

As the U.S. tech industry has a strong focus on innovation, individual development and entrepreneurship, the creation of small, independent start-up companies has been a primary way of making it big in the industry. While tech start-ups can be successful beyond many people’s wildest dreams, they can also be risky endeavors. It can be difficult to properly assess the value of a start-up company or an invention that has not been fully monetized. In asset division during a divorce, this can make start-up valuation particularly challenging.

In Nebraska, assets during a divorce are split according to principles of equitable distribution, which intends to secure a fair outcome. However, there can be real challenges when a business is a major part of a couple’s assets, especially if it has not yet realized its financial potential.

People who are ending their marriage with significant real estate holdings, investments and other assets may benefit from working with a family law attorney to protect their rights and achieve a fair and just settlement in the divorce. The complex nature of a high asset divorce may mean that the advice of a divorce lawyer could be invaluable in achieving an appropriate settlement and concluding the divorce.