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How divorced parents can act appropriately

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Parents in Nebraska who are going through a divorce or have recently gone through one could have many questions about what happens next. In many cases, the children blame themselves for the end of the marriage, and it is okay to reassure them that they had nothing to do with it. Children can better adjust to the change when their parents encourage them to move on with their lives as best as possible.

Both parents should work on creating a plan to raise their children that emphasizes stability. This means keeping the rules consistent between homes to provide a child with appropriate boundaries. Parents should also keep tabs on them while in school, and kids should be offered appropriate outlets for their emotions. One rule that parents should always follow is to never say anything bad about the other parent to the child.

A son or daughter is not meant to be a confidante or a support system for a parent. Furthermore, they should not be used to spy on the other parent or otherwise collect information about that person. Even if a child was a reason for the marriage ending, he or she should never hear this from a mother or father. Ideally, parents will not announce visits from the other parent who have a history of not showing up as this could disappoint a child.

The end of a marriage can be difficult for parents and children alike. However, it is important that parents keep them out of any conflicts between adults and that they are not used as a pawn. In some cases, parents who do act inappropriately could lose some of their parental rights or others or make it harder to obtain a favorable outcome in a child custody case.