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Steps that can help a person through divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Nebraska residents who are getting a divorce should think about what their priorities are. It may help to make a list of things they need and want as well as things they can compromise on or let go. People might also want to think about what would be on the other person’s list.

It is important to understand that while divorcing can feel emotional, it is actually a legal process. This is true not just of property division but of child custody negotiations. As much as possible, people should try to take a businesslike approach to divorce proceedings. It may help to hire an attorney and a financial professional. Friends and family may try to be helpful, but their advice on these matters might not be accurate.

People should also organize their financial paperwork. Ordering a credit report might be one part of this. Finally, they should make sure the divorce agreement is enforceable. For example, they may need to retitle some of their assets or make a plan for what to do with debt. Although divorce is a difficult time, people can also think of it as a new beginning.

There are many points to consider in a divorce. For example, when dividing property, people should keep in mind that in addition to the value of assets, they should consider whether they will appreciate or depreciate in value and whether there are taxes or penalties associated with dividing, selling or owning the assets. A person might want to keep a home for sentimental reasons, but there are also taxes, insurance and other costs.