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What high net worth couples need to know

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Divorce and separation can be incredibly difficult for any couple; however, for high net worth couples, divorce brings with it a new set of challenges. Some of these problems can be preemptively avoided prior to marriage by signing a prenuptial agreement, which can offer assistance, guidance and protection should a divorce occur.

Most couples approach their wedding days with excitement and don’t spend too much time considering whether divorce might be a possibility. It’s important to consider what steps a couple will take should divorce present itself as a possibility, however, especially for couples with high-value assets. These couples have unique circumstances that make taking protective measures prior to marriage an important step.

Celebrity couples can offer some valuable insight to ordinary couples who may be preparing for marriage. For couples who have high income levels, large amounts of property or incredibly valuable assets, creating a prenuptial agreement can offer protection should divorce become imminent. Celebrity couples, for example, understand that visitation plans, custody arrangements, asset division and financial spousal support after marriage should be discussed prior to marriage occurring. This ensures that the couple will be protected and that the assets they have prior to marriage will be distributed appropriately after the marriage dissolves.

A divorce attorney may offer marriage planning and prenuptial agreement information for couples preparing for marriage. Couples who are in career fields with high levels of income are especially vulnerable to the effects of a divorce, which makes proper planning for marital separation an essential part of wedding preparation. Couples may wish to meet with an attorney once they are engaged in order to develop an understanding of how they can best protect themselves and their assets after marriage.