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Can profession influence the decision to divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

The impact a person’s profession has on their life, Nebraska residents might be surprised to find, includes the possibility of divorce. According to researchers, a person’s profession and field of work can have an influence on the likelihood of that person divorcing and beginning a new relationship.

A study by Stockholm University researchers revealed that people who worked in professions involving a lot of socializing and encounters with the opposite sex, such as in the hotel and restaurant industries, had a higher probability of getting a divorce. The researchers also found that the risk of divorce in these types of industries was higher for men than for women. Additionally, education also played a role, as men with a college education were more likely to get divorce, while the inverse was true for women. Interestingly, professions such as librarians and farmers had the lowest risk of divorce.

The results of the Stockholm University study, which looked at a sample of 102,453 men and 113,252 women born in Denmark from 1945 on and married between 1982 and 2002, was similar to the results found by other studies. One theory for why men in some professions had a higher probability of divorce than women is that some of these professions are both dominated by women and lower paying, leading to work-related stress which can have an impact on relationships. However, researchers also theorized that it might simply be that men might take more advantage of the availability of other partners.

Residents who find themselves considering a divorce might also consider consulting with a family law lawyer who can help them through the process. A lawyer may be able to explain how the process works, the files that need to be filled out, and about what documents need to be gathered. Additionally, a lawyer might provide representation during negotiations and in court appearances if necessary.