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Divorce rates soar in January

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News |

Law offices have historically reported a sharp increase in divorce filings on the first Monday after the holiday season. The phenomenon, sometimes referred to as Divorce Day, might be due to a new sense of urgency among dissatisfied partners. The trend seems to exist in Nebraska and across the U.S., and it typically continues throughout the month of January.

According to some family law attorneys, people come into a new year with a renewed feeling of not wanting to repeat last year’s mistakes. It’s similar to the increase in the number of gym memberships sold or the number of people who resolve to quit smoking. Some call January the hangover month. While the period from Thanksgiving through the New Year often includes a happy family time binge, the month that follows may feel bad by comparison.

When the calendar changes, a couple might decide that they don’t want to stay married for another year. For these soon-to-be exes, it’s important not to rush. Divorce is a serious decision; parties should consider counseling and try not to be too emotional about the choice. While parents should not stay together just because they have kids, having kids creates issues to deal with in a divorce.

In a case where a Nebraska couple is divorcing, a lawyer might be able to help. An attorney with experience practicing divorce law might be able to negotiate the terms of property settlement or develop a child custody arrangement for approval by the court. Legal counsel could also draft and file a petition to initiate divorce proceedings or argue on behalf of the client in family court.