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Child custody considerations in relocation

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Child Custody |

Although you or your ex-spouse may not have intended to relocate when you originally divorced in Nebraska, economic circumstances or opportunities may have indicated otherwise. Relocation of one parent can significantly affect children, so you should keep several considerations in mind if you or your ex-spouse is relocating.

Good faith and bad faith moves

Good faith moves include a chance to get a better job or the opportunity to move closer to extended family. Bad faith moves involve moving away to get back at your ex-spouse, reduce your children’s time with their other parent or reduce child support. Even in the best of situations, child custody can be a contentious issue when one parent wants to relocate to another state or even across the country. Determining whether a move that your ex-spouse wants to accomplish or whether you want to do it needs careful consideration.

Keep your children’s best interests in mind

If you end up going to court over a relocation dispute, the court will always rule with your child’s best interest in mind. Therefore, if you are the parent looking to relocate, you should be able to prove:

  • That such a move will enhance your children’s lives
  • How you’ll maintain family bonds and consistency
  • That the move is something your children want

Revisiting your custody agreement

Keep in mind that child custody plans can be changed to reflect your current situation. Nebraska allows a change in your plan if you can demonstrate a change in your circumstances.

Working with your ex-spouse to come up with an equitable solution to change your custody and visitation agreement can make relocation easier. Include your children in the discussion to understand their wants and needs if they are old enough to contribute.