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Telling your kids that you are divorcing

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Divorce |

For parents in Nebraska who decide to divorce, figuring out how to tell their children about the decision can be difficult. While having that conversation with children can be one of the hardest things about the divorce, it is still necessary. There are several things that parents should keep in mind when they are preparing to tell their children that they are splitting up.

How to tell children about the decision to divorce

After parents decide to divorce, they should wait before telling their children so that they have time to put together a plan for breaking the news. They should avoid doing it on holidays or birthdays or when their children are already sad about something else. When parents do decide to tell the children, they should make sure that all of their children are present, and both parents should tell them together. The parents should be prepared to answer questions about where the children will live and how things will work.

Important considerations

Parents should not allow children to participate in the decision-making process. While older children might be allowed to give input, the parents should make those types of decisions for their children in their best interests. In addition, parents should anticipate that their children will have emotional reactions, so parents must be prepared to comfort their children when they learn about the impending divorce.

Parents should take care to remember that divorce is difficult for everyone involved, including children whose lives will undergo unexpected, substantial changes. Even when parents experience a significant level of emotional conflict with each other, they should keep the disputes they have with each other to themselves and never place their children in the middle.