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How to minimize the impact of divorce on your kids

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is never easy, and it’s impossible to completely protect your children from dealing with the ramifications. Adjusting to new weekly routines, new holiday traditions, and meeting potential stepparents are difficult tasks for children. Parents in Nebraska can take steps to minimize divorce’s impact on their children.

Working with the other parent

The way that you explain your divorce to your children has a direct impact on how well they handle the changes. You should never put your children in a position to process adult thoughts and emotions, so if the divorce is bitter, they don’t need to know that. Work with your co-parent to determine what type of message you’re presenting to your children and keep that message consistent.

Don’t say too much

Depending on the age of your children, the only thing they need to know is that their parents will no longer be living under the same roof. While older children can put some things together on their own, it’s important to be picky about what you say to your children. They don’t need to know every detail of the divorce, the court hearings, or anything else that goes on surrounding the dissolution of your marriage.

Don’t use your child

One of the worst things any parent can do during a divorce involves using their child as a tool or a weapon. Weaponizing your children during a divorce is illegal in many states.

You shouldn’t use your children to relay messages to their other parent. If you and your ex cannot communicate cordially, use your lawyers or another intermediary to relay messages.

Divorce is never easy for adults or children. As a parent, you must take the necessary steps to protect your children from the negative impacts of divorce as much as possible.