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What are the cons of serving the divorce by publication?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Divorce |

Filing for divorce is only the start of the process. To help move it forward, you may need to complete specific steps that can affect what happens next. These requirements include serving the divorce to your former spouse, which can occur in several ways, including publishing the notice in a newspaper. This option may only be applicable if you cannot locate your former spouse.

The rules concerning divorce service methods may vary, but in Nebraska, a newspaper publication is often the last resort. Compared with other options, it can have different cons, including the following disadvantages:

  • It can be more expensive because the notice must remain in the newspaper for a specific period, often spanning up to three weeks.
  • It removes expectations for the other party to be involved in the divorce process, potentially making alimony and child support irrelevant.
  • It can pose various complications if unexpected events happen after running the notice in the publication.

Additionally, taking this route can publicize the divorce, which can be uncomfortable if you prefer to maintain discretion when managing family affairs. Because of these possibilities, publishing the notice may only be an option if there is no other way to serve the divorce.

Issues can arise at any time during the process

Each step of the divorce can be complex, especially if you and your family have unique circumstances that may impact the process. Completing requirements and serving the notice may only be the beginning. Issues can happen at any time along the way, necessitating adequate legal counsel. Having guidance can also be valuable when determining options during confusing situations and preparing sufficiently, helping avoid unnecessary issues later on.