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Staying financially stable after a divorce

Recently divorced Nebraska residents should make sure that they don't make irrational choices with their money. One reason is that there may not be enough money to buy a car or make other discretionary purchases on a single income. While it's possible to take money from a retirement or brokerage account, doing so can result in a significant tax bill.

Common prenuptial agreement misconceptions and myths

From selecting the cake to sending out invitations, there are many things couples in Nebraska have on their pre-wedding to-do list. Yet many soon-be-spouses fail to consider the possibility of including a prenuptial agreement as part of their pre-wedding plans. Part of the reason for this is because of some of the lingering misconceptions and myths associated with such agreements. For starters, it's commonly believed signing such a document means a marriage is doomed. However, 86 percent of mental health professionals surveyed by a relationship site said this isn't so.

Can profession influence the decision to divorce?

The impact a person's profession has on their life, Nebraska residents might be surprised to find, includes the possibility of divorce. According to researchers, a person's profession and field of work can have an influence on the likelihood of that person divorcing and beginning a new relationship.

Why and how to get a prenuptial agreement

Some Nebraska couples may resist the idea of a prenuptial agreement. People may be concerned it will upset their families, or they may not want to share private financial information about debt and bankruptcy. They might even think a prenup could increase the chances they will get a divorce. However, many experts believe that prenups can offer important protection in particular to people with blended families, in second marriages or in ownership of a business.

Divorce for older adults has financial, social implications

Nebraska adults who are 50 and older may be divorcing at higher rates than older people in previous generations. Since 1990, the divorce rate for people in that age bracket has doubled, and it is is three times higher than it was in 1990 for people 65 and older.

What high net worth couples need to know

Divorce and separation can be incredibly difficult for any couple; however, for high net worth couples, divorce brings with it a new set of challenges. Some of these problems can be preemptively avoided prior to marriage by signing a prenuptial agreement, which can offer assistance, guidance and protection should a divorce occur.

Financial issues to consider when getting a divorce

When a couple in Nebraska decides to divorce, there are many different financial issues to consider. For instance, if a marital home has to be sold, there needs to be a plan for splitting the proceeds from the sale. It may also be necessary to determine who will pay the balance on the mortgage if the property sells for less than it is worth.

Importance of focusing on the right things during divorces

Some Nebraskans who go through divorces view the process in terms of winners and losers. It is important for them to understand, however, that no one wins in divorces. It is better for people to approach their divorce cases with their focuses on the future rather than on the past.

Why children should learn about prenups early

Parents in Nebraska and throughout the country may want to have a conversation with their children about prenuptial agreements when they first start dating. By waiting until just before the wedding to introduce the topic, a parent could offend a son or daughter as well as the person he or she is marrying. By talking about the subject early, a child can learn that such agreements can be beneficial as opposed to detrimental.